About Us

B&D Ice House has been a Southtown institution since 1961. 

In 2010, owner Bruno D’Zanski who worked and kept bar at B&D for 50 years stopped daily operation. Situated across from Southtown’s The Friendly Spot Ice House, Bruno befriended Friendly Spot Bearded Bossman Steve Newman. Their friendship inspired Steve to reimagine B&D Ice with the same soul that it had operated with for the last 50 years. Steve asked brothers Chef Jason Dady and Jake Dady of Jason Dady Restaurant Group to head down to Southtown and brainstorm for the historic Ice House.

Steve, Jake and Jason created a Texas themed BBQ and Draft concept worthy of Bruno’s bar. B&D means “Beard & Dady”, “BBQ & Draft” and so much more to these Two Bros. and the Beard. “To keep the soul of B&D intact and take this Southtown icon into its next 50 years is a privilege. To do it with amazing operators like Jason and Jake is taking B&D to the next level,” says Steve Newman, Bearded Bossman of The Friendly Spot and The Newman Project.

Texas craft beer, Texas Wine and Pit Barbecue is where B&D Ice will start in 2014. The Two Bros and the Beard intend to treat Southtown with a unique collaboration, combining all their talents. Chef Jason Dady loves the opportunity to reimagine this Southtown icon. “We are super stoked to make it to Southtown. Great Texas Pit BBQ and the emerging Texas craft beer movement is a perfect fit. We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such a great neighborhood and restaurant scene.”